7 Pros and Cons for buying a New Car and getting a Car Loan


7 Pros and Cons for getting a new car and car loan Is it worth it to purchase a New car and get a new car loan? Currently, automotive manufacturers and dealers are trying to sell new cars with lots of incentives, including 0% interest rate, cash back, delayed payments and more. Some are even offering 7 years or more loans. Does having a 7 year car loan make sense for your budget?   Let’s dig into it all. My husband and I have had several used car loans over the years and never have we seen 0% interest and deferred [...]

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Don’t Overspend to Keep Up with Friends


I came across the Credit Karma article about Millennials spend more because they are trying to keep up with their friends.  I had to write a blog post about it.  Credit Karma/Qualtrics study of 1,045 U.S. consumers.    Now, I will put in a caveat and say I’m not Millennial, based on defining a Millennial as someone between 18 and 34. If you consider me a Millennial I will take it as a compliment just like if you were going to card me for a drink, with a huge smile. I do have grey hair after-all. Just recently I came [...]

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