How we had our Wedding on a $5000 budget

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Our Wedding Story This is how we planned a wedding on a $5000 budget. My husband, Tad, and I are college sweethearts from George Mason University. We got engaged our senior year in college. I was so excited to think about wedding plans.  We were 21 years old and hadn’t moved out of our parents house yet and needed to figure that out first. We enjoyed being engaged and [...]

The 10 Best Budgeting Tips for the Holidays

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Budgeting for the holidays doesn’t have to be as tough as it may feel. Here are the 10 best budgeting tips for the Holidays that I have personally done myself and have learned from others over the years. Since it is right after Halloween this is the best time to start. The sooner the better.  Let's get started: Tip 1: Write it all down! I know this is super [...]

Financial Independence

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Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Thanks for supporting I guide families to gain financial confidence to take control of their lives and guide them towards financial independence.    What is financial independence? Financial independence means you have enough wealth and/or assets that generate income to cover all of your living expenses for the rest of your life.  It really means freedom to do what you want and [...]

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