Katie C.


Amber P.
Testimonial Amy

“This is the first time either of us have worked with a personal coach in any area, so it is a new experience!

At first, it felt a little vulnerable putting ‘it all out there’ as far as finances, however, it felt like just sitting down and talking to a good friend about a very personal topic and getting great feedback and ideas … from someone who took the time to review our situation and ask deeper questions about our goals.

Holly took the time to answer all of our questions, as well as offer to do research for us on topics discussed during our session.  She is warm, engaged, knowledgeable, and shows a true excitement and passion for personal finance – both in her own life as well as helping others achieve their financial goals.

We took away some realistic and valuable action items from our session and are looking forward to tackling them and chatting with Holly again soon!”

Amy L

I have spent a lot of time researching and ensuring I know a lot about budgeting, finances, retirement, and investing and I wouldn’t have thought that I need any coaching or help, but Holly was instrumental in helping me sort through the emotional pressures I felt in trying to find the right balance between saving for big ticket items, retirement, building an emergency savings, and so on.


Larry B

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