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Everyone has a Spending and Saving story. How do you change yours?


Everyone has a story Everyone has spending and saving story.    What is your spending and saving story? I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged that they can’t save or they feel that they are stuck because they don’t “save” enough.   I truly believe everyone has a story and if you want to change that story you can do it. It takes some mindset changes.  You must break old habits while creating new habits.   I love Spending and Saving If we sat down and had a cup of coffee and talked about spending and [...]

Everyone has a Spending and Saving story. How do you change yours?2019-02-18T18:49:39+00:00

Positive Cash Flow is the Key for Financial Success


Cash flow is the Key What is Positive Cash Flow? Positive cash flow is simply having more money coming in than money going out.    This is key to everything when it comes to personal finance.  Making sure that you keep some of your money for the future whether that is upcoming bills and savings.     If you spend it ALL you can’t save.    Simple. Do you have a positive cash flow?   Ask yourself these questions. Can you pay your bills NEXT month WITHOUT another paycheck?  Yes/No If you answered Yes, then that is great news, you [...]

Positive Cash Flow is the Key for Financial Success2019-02-13T17:02:01+00:00

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving Wishing you and your family a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful and grateful for and I hope that you are with friends and loved ones this holiday season enjoying time with each other. I was thinking about writing down a quick list of things I'm grateful for and in doing so it really has surprised me at what came to mind.  Definitely, will do this more often.  This was a lot of fun and enlighting to write down.  Try it yourself. Here is a list of things I'm so grateful for: My wonderful [...]

Happy Thanksgiving2018-12-05T23:51:54+00:00

What is a Financial Coach?


What is a Financial Coach? Welcome! I'm really excited to start sharing more about why I'm a Financial Coach and why you want to hire me to help you. The goal of a financial coach is to educate clients on the basics of personal finance. The coach together with the client creates a spending and savings plan that reflects the values and goals of the client. The coach then empowers clients to take responsibility for their decisions, supports their continual learning and growth, and serves as an accountability partner throughout the process. Help you figure out changes [...]

What is a Financial Coach?2018-12-05T23:53:31+00:00