Free YNAB Webinar


Sign up for a Free 1 hour YNAB webinar via Google Meet Interested in learning more about YNAB (You need a budget) website and app? I am so excited to have setup a Free YNAB webinar via Google Meet. Sign up is Free and a Google Meet link will be sent to you. Be ready to listen in and ask questions about YNAB, while I screen share real examples. This is open to anyone interested in learning more about YNAB. Maybe you have heard about YNAB and curious what it is.  Or you might have been using Mint and need [...]

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You Need a Budget (YNAB) – How do you Reconcile Amazon Purchases?


How do you reconcile Amazon purchases? One of the frustrating things I find about budgeting in a tool like YNAB (You Need a Budget) is to figure out how to reconcile Amazon, Walmart or Target purchases.  Amazon and other big box stores allow you to purchase items from all sorts of categories. They may be gifts, household items, car stuff and even groceries. How do you manage these types of purchases? Here I wanted to show you how I reconcile Amazon purchases with Amazon's website. Amazon Transactions After making a purchase on Amazon all of the purchases are [...]

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The 10 Best Budgeting Tips for the Holidays


Updated for 2023! Budgeting for the holidays doesn’t have to be as tough as it may feel. Here are the 10 best budgeting tips for the Holidays that I have personally done myself and have learned from others over the years. The sooner the better.  Let's get started: Tip 1: Write it all down! I know this is super simple and you may roll your eyes but it is the truth. Getting organized is the best way to get started. Party Planning. Are you having a party? What supplies do you need? Can you reuse what you already have? How [...]

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Financial Independence


I guide families to gain financial confidence to take control of their lives and guide them towards financial independence.    What is financial independence? Financial independence means you have enough wealth and/or assets that generate income to cover all of your living expenses for the rest of your life.  It really means freedom to do what you want and to have enough wealth to live on without having to work. What do you mean?  “Have enough wealth to live on, without working?” Wealth is the money and/or assets that you have saved and invested.    Financial Independence is living off [...]

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Why YNAB is better than sliced bread


This is updated as of 1/6/2023. Caveat:  There are some affiliate links in this post.  I may receive cash benefit or discount for recommending products.  However, I will only post about products I think are worth it. Why YNAB is better than sliced bread! It was 2014 and I was searching for budget software and small business accounting software. Why you may ask?   I was not a fan of Quicken, and Quickbooks.  Both had their limits and huge learning curves and a high cost. I had several bad experiences trying to upgrade from one version of Quicken to another [...]

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7 Pros and Cons for buying a New Car and getting a Car Loan


7 Pros and Cons for getting a new car and car loan Is it worth it to purchase a New car and get a new car loan? Currently, automotive manufacturers and dealers are trying to sell new cars with lots of incentives, including 0% interest rate, cash back, delayed payments and more. Some are even offering 7 years or more loans. Does having a 7 year car loan make sense for your budget?   Let’s dig into it all. My husband and I have had several used car loans over the years and never have we seen 0% interest and deferred [...]

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Bread Maker Challah Braided Bread Recipe


Yummy Challah Braided Bread made in the Bread Maker This is a super easy recipe to do it in the bread maker. It does take some time but it is easy since the bread maker does the hard work. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. It is a great recipe for any holiday event. Bread Machine Challah Braided Bread This is my version of an adapted bread machine cookbook recipe that I have been using since 2004. It is a family favorite! 2 egg Eggs (Room Temperature)1 1/2 cups Warm water (To make [...]

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Thanksgiving Dinner for less than $35


This is how we spend under $35 for our Thanksgiving Dinner! There are a lot of ways to make a Thanksgiving Dinner for less than $35. Here is what we do and I will also include some other cost saving ways to get it even less. Our favorite foods for Thanksgiving! Menu Roasted Brined Turkey Stuffing Broccoli casserole Mashed potatoes Gravy Homemade Bread Homemade cranberry sauce Apple Pie Free printable I created this handy .pdf printable of our menu.  You are welcome to print it out. As a bonus I also created a blank version of the .pdf printable so [...]

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Home Balancing Act


Home Balancing Act This is a tough time for parents and kids of all ages and it is a home balancing act. We have all been stuck at home for months doing our part to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. Our family has limited our outings to a couple stores and only when we need something. We are so blessed we work in the positions that we do. I work at home and do all of my calls via Zoom or Google Meet and I also take care of the kids. While my husband works in an office [...]

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Virginia Tax Free Weekend and Maryland Tax Free Week 2020


Virginia Tax Free Weekend and Maryland Tax Free Week 2020 If you live in the DC Metro area this is a good time to look at the tax free weekend in Virginia and tax free week in Maryland. Virginia starts Friday, August 7 and ends Sunday, August, 9, 2020.  Maryland is for a the week of August 9 - 15, both are offering tax free for clothing and shoes. While Virginia offers school supplies, energy efficient appliances as well as hurricane relief and emergency supplies during the same weekend. There is sure to be something that is good to purchase [...]

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