Happy Thanksgiving

//Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful and grateful for and I hope that you are with friends and loved ones this holiday season enjoying time with each other.

I was thinking about writing down a quick list of things I’m grateful for and in doing so it really has surprised me at what came to mind.  Definitely, will do this more often.  This was a lot of fun and enlighting to write down.  Try it yourself.

Here is a list of things I’m so grateful for:

  • My wonderful husband – He really is a great guy.
  • My children – My 3 children keep me very grounded.
  • Love – That says it all.
  • Freedom – To be able to do what I want to do.
  • Books – As I reminded by a blogger friend, a good non-fiction book is like a heart to heart lesson from that person
  • Time with family and friends
  • Games – Card games and board games are so much fun.
  • Sewing Machines – It is amazing to me every time I use one of my sewing machines and how it makes such a perfect stitch.
  • Music – Music just makes me happy.  As a family, we dance in the kitchen a lot.
  • Our house – I’m so happy and grateful for our house
  • Trees – Our trees help keep our house cool in the summer
  • Grass – I am grateful for the grass even though it is difficult to grow in my yard.
  • Our cat – She is such a sweet kitty and loves to cuddle.
  • Internet – I’m so grateful that the internet is available so I can reach out to friends and family and now clients.
  • Plates – I’m so grateful for plates it sure is handy to hold food on them.
  • Silverware – I do like good quality silverware.  I prefer using silverware then eating with my fingers.
  • Tables – Our kitchen table gets the most use in the whole house and has seen lots of family dinners and craft projects.
  • Beds – I love to sleep.  So grateful to have a comfortable bed.
  • Sheets and comforter – I love our bed and the linens on it.  It just makes me so happy to get into bed.
  • Chairs – It is so nice to have a place to sit and eat.
  • Pens – Having a pen that works is always the best!
  • Payday – Payday is the best, especially when you don’t need to think about it thanks to having a great budget in place and you know exactly where your money is going.
  • Good Health – Being able to breathe and feel good. Thinking about my cold last week.
  • Coffee – Of course!
  • Chocolate – Love!

    What are you grateful for?

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