Virginia Tax Free Weekend and Maryland Tax Free Week 2020

If you live in the DC Metro area this is a good time to look at the tax free weekend in Virginia and tax free week in Maryland. Virginia starts Friday, August 7 and ends Sunday, August, 9, 2020.  Maryland is for a the week of August 9 – 15, both are offering tax free for clothing and shoes. While Virginia offers school supplies, energy efficient appliances as well as hurricane relief and emergency supplies during the same weekend. There is sure to be something that is good to purchase for your household during this weekend or week.

If you don’t live in the Metro area you can look at this site for some details on other tax-except weekends for your state. Some states have multiple weekends during the year for different items.

Virginia Tax Free Weekend August 7-9, 2020

Per the website (which has gone down a lot these past few days) states the following:

August 7-9, 2020. The 3-day sales tax holiday starts the first Friday in August at 12:01 am and ends the following Sunday at 11:59 pm.
During the sales tax holiday, you can buy qualifying school supplies, clothing, footwear, hurricane and emergency preparedness items, and Energy Star™ and WaterSense™ products without paying sales tax.

What items are eligible?

School supplies, clothing, and footwear
Qualified school supplies – $20 or less per item
Qualified clothing and footwear – $100 or less per item

Hurricane and emergency preparedness products
Portable generators – $1,000 or less per item
Gas-powered chainsaws – $350 or less per item
Chainsaw accessories – $60 or less per item
Other specified hurricane preparedness items – $60 or less per item

Energy Star™ and WaterSense™​ products
Qualifying Energy Star™ or WaterSense™ products purchased for noncommercial home or personal use – $2,500 or less per item

Detailed lists of qualifying items and more information for retailers can be found in the Sales Tax Holiday Guidelines.

If you are remodeling your house or have an appliance that needs to be replaced this might be a good time to compare and shop around.

Per the guidelines pdf date May 31, 2019, there is a Energy Star Income Tax Deduction for Virginia taxes:

Energy Star Income Tax Deduction
Va. Code § 58.1-322.03 allows for a deduction equal to 20% of the sales and use tax paid in purchasing, for one’s personal use, any clothes washers, room air conditioners, dishwashers, and standard size refrigerators that meet or exceed the applicable Energy Star efficiency requirements developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Energy. The deduction cannot exceed $500 in each taxable year. Note that this deduction is completely separate and
distinguished from the combined sales tax holiday, which allows for the exempt purchase of qualifying Energy Star items. Any rules listed within these guidelines shall apply only to the combined sales tax holiday, and have no bearing on the income tax
deduction provided on certain energy efficient items.”

Maryland Tax Free Week August 9-15, 2020

Maryland has a detailed explanation of the shop free week. That is right it is for a full week! .

“From 12:01 a.m. on the second Sunday in August through midnight on the following Saturday, qualifying clothing and footwear priced $100 or less will be exempt from Maryland’s six percent sales tax. The first $40 of back/bookbag sales also qualify. A list of exempt and taxable items is available on the Comptroller’s Website at, or by calling the Taxpayer Service Section at 410-260-7980 in Central Maryland or toll-free 1-800-MD TAXES from elsewhere.

“Definitions for the Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week “Clothing or footwear” means an article of apparel designed to be worn on or about the human body. “Accessory items” include but are not limited to jewelry, watches, watchbands, handbags, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, scarves, ties, headbands, and belt buckles.”

More details about the program is listed here. A detailed list of items that qualify are listed here.

What items should you consider purchasing?

Clothing – Both Virginia and Maryland:  This is a great time of year to look at back to school clothing for the coming year like jeans, shirts, underwear including socks and bras. Why not look at coats, gloves and hats for the winter months.

Sport and extracurricular activities clothing and sports clothing like Martial arts uniforms, and Scout uniforms.

Shoes – Shoes are always on our list since our kids grow so fast and shoes are usually needed at this time. As long as they are under $100.

Diapers – In Maryland only, diapers qualify for this exception.

School supplies – In Virginia only.

Hurricane supplies – In Virginia, Batteries of all types like AAA, AA, 9 volt, and even cell phone batteries. Flashlights, glow sticks perfect for Halloween, and radios. Plus, look at Bottled water, cell phone chargers, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and first aid kits which also qualify for HSA and FSA accounts. More items can be found on this list here.


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