What is a Financial Coach?

Welcome! I’m really excited to start sharing more about why I’m a Financial Coach and why you want to hire me to help you.

The goal of a financial coach is to educate clients on the basics of personal finance. The coach together with the client creates a spending and savings plan that reflects the values and goals of the client. The coach then empowers clients to take responsibility for their decisions, supports their continual learning and growth, and serves as an accountability partner throughout the process.

  • Help you figure out changes that will bring the most benefit for your time

  • Being Aware of your Spending Habits

  • Never stop learning and always looking for answers

  • Address those tough decisions and making it a joy to make them

  • Support and Follow-up and realizing you are not alone

About This Site

Welcome to Microstuff financial coaching.  I’m Holly Grosvenor.  I am a personal financial coach ready to work with you. I will teach you the basics about personal finance so you too can reach your life goals.

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